Win an Amazing Apartment

Close To Central London

The apartment up for grabs is situated on the third floor and accessed by a wide, sweeping communal staircase. Once inside it’s on two floors and is the only flat in the block with a roof terrace, giving wonderful views over London.

Accessing the apartment is easy for anyone who can get around on their own two feet, however, our seven year old Ollie, who has Down’s Syndrome, doesn’t fall into that category as he’s not terribly mobile. On the plus side he can generally get up stairs on a good day with enough encouragement but is hopeless at going downstairs and has to be carried, well, you get the picture – he isn’t getting any lighter! So after 17 wonderful years of living here we have decided, with some regret, we need somewhere more suitable.

We got quotes from a couple of estate agents in autumn of 2016 which both suggested a valuation in the region of £1.8M (flat 137, with loft conversion but no roof terrace, sold for £1.7M in 2015); very nice, but our timing was all wrong as we discovered – nobody wanted to spend money on expensive properties in London with Brexit on the horizon and who could blame them. Cut to a year or so later and, with the London property market continuing to stagnate, we spotted a news article about house competitions. Having done a fair bit of research in the meantime we realised there are risks if it’s not done properly and it’s essential to get the right advice, but there are advantages; no estate agents; the chance to get somebody, perhaps another with a decent second prize cash offer that could be used as a deposit, on the London housing ladder; at the same time being able to donate a decent lump sum to charity.

The charities selected are:

The London Community Foundation, Registered Charity 1091263, which aims to tackle poverty, inequality and exclusion across the capital. The London Community Foundation manages, amongst other funds, The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund. The articles in the London Evening Standard which led to the creation of the Dispossessed Fund really struck a chord. For further information visit

The KIDS charity, Registered Charity 27593, which provides a range of support services throughout England to disabled children, young people and their families. They provided invaluable support to us with Ollie and it would be great to give something back. For further information regarding the KIDS charity visit

So here goes… and the best of luck to anyone who enters the competition!